Western Railway

Construction of major Bridges having open foundation/pile Foundation with PSC Slabs/girders/ composite steel Girder, limited height subway at Level crossings and other miscellaneous works between stations desalpur - naliya and balance works between stations bhuj - desalpur in connection with bhuj - naliya gauge conversion project on division of western railway.

South Eastern Railway

Construction of Foundation, Substructure, supply, Fabrication, assembling, erection/launching of Road over bridge of span 1x60m bow string Girder (cg) + 1x24m (cg)+ 1x18m (cg) at km 402/21-23 between bondamunda & bisra in lieu of lc no.207 (kukuda gate on rourkela-bisra road) in the chakradharpur division of s. e. railway. estimate no. 1693w/2016.

East Central Railway

Construction of Foundation and Substructure of major Bridges 322(5x30.5m owg), 352(2x30.5m owg) and 356 (1x30.5m owg) for double track on double d well Foundation , Sheet piling at major Bridges of nke-vknr section and its allied works in connection with doubling of narkatiaganj - valmikinagar road section .

Western Railway

Construction of new 3 lane Road over Bridges 741/3-4 [SAMAKHIYALI - KATARIYA section] on pile Foundation and super Structure with composite girders including approaches using RE wall panels, Earthwork, Road work and other Misc. works in connection with raising of existing ROB at Km 741/3-4.