Winch and Winches
Conventional Piling Tools

Conventional Piling Equipment

Ashok Industries is known for its quality and long lasting quality in Piling tools our manufacturing range of conventional piling tools includes - Piling Winch [ 2.5 - 7.5 ton ], Rock Cross Blade Chisel, Tripod [ 17' x 21' (with Pulley MS & CI) ], Sludge Pump [ 500 - 1500 mm dia ], Hopper - Bentonite Mixing, Hopper - Funnel, DMC Chisel - Pipes, Monkey - Hammer, Bottom Piling Accessories

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hydraulic rotary drilling tools

Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools

Ashok Industries is known for its quality and long lasting Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools, Rotary Drilling Tools, Foundation Drilling Tools, Soil Auger, Rock Auger, Soil Bucket, Rock Bucket, Tools for Hydraulic Drilling Rigs, Hydraulic Attachments for Excavator, Back HOE. Whatever may be your requirement we can supply the best quality tools within given time frame.

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Tremmie Pipe

Casing & Accessories

Ashok Industries Manufacturing highly durable Double wall and single wall casing for convectional piling and hydraulic rotary drilling rig, casing manufacture from high tensile steels for long lasting in field, also Ashok industries manufacture casing suitable to customer end requirements like length and diameter modification.

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Welcome To Ashok Industries

Manufacturer & Exporter of Piling Winch & Winches Equipments, Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools & Accessories

Ashok Industries is based in Mumbai India and is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality and long lasting Piling Winch, Winches, Equipments, hard rock cutting tools and Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools. We have been manufacturing quality drilling equipments from more then 2 decades. Our array of high performing quality piling winch and hydraulic rotary drilling tools are manufactured using best quality material and technology, our commitment to supply premium quality goods remains unaltered as we are highly concerned about our customers' requirements and complete satisfaction. We cater largely to the infrastructure development industries and we are recognized as one of the top quality leaders manufacturing high quality Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools and Foundation Pilling Drilling Tools. Our versatility and excellence has paved a way to the development of our esteemed organization. Fostering advanced technology has further resulted in our global success. Moreover, we aim to render absolute satisfaction to customers through our sincere efforts.

Piling Winch, Tools and Equipments

We manufacture range of Piling Winches that comprises of Single and Double Drum Piling Winch. Our Piling Winch comes with different capacity of 1.5, 2.5, 5, 7.5 Ton. Our high speed rolling Piling winch is a special kind of winch used for piling operations are designed for load lifting and to work with high effieciency and safety and these Piling Winches can withstand rigid conditions faced in construction industry. These piling winches are used with tremie pipe with sockets, Tremmie Platform and funnel, Bailor and Sludge Pump, Tripod And Tripod Pulley, swivel for DMC rod, Hopper Funnel and Concrete Funnel, Liner Cap, DMC Rod and Pipe, DMC Lifting Head, DMC Flushing Head, DMC Socket and Rods, Drum Shaft, Square and DMC Chisel, bailer, rock cutting chisel, bottom casing pipe, Flywheel and Flywheel Shaft, Winch Drum, Hammer & Monkey For Liner Driving.

Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools

Our hydraulic equipments range of drilling tools can withstand any conditions and pressure and are widely used globally, besides this our Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools, Foundation Piling and Drilling Tools, Soil Auger, Rock Auger, Soil Bucket, Rock Bucket, Tools for Hydraulic Drilling Rigs, Hydraulic Attachments for Excavator, Back HOE are supplied to countries such as Australia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Eastern Africa, UAE, Dubai, Turkey etc.

We also manufacture following Hydraulic Tools - Rock Auger, Soil Auger, Flat Edge Rock Auger, Rock Bucket, Soil Bucket, Cleaning Bucket, Core Barrel, Swivel Joints, Kelly Flanges, Kelly Pin and Kelly Box, 25 mm Rock Cutting Tools, 25 Mm Rock Cutting Tool Holder, MAIT, SOILMAC, BAUER, CASAGRANDE, IMT, SANY Machine Tools Manufacturer, Terminal Joints For Rotary Drilling Tools and Accessories, T25 Teeth Holder, Hard Rock Cutting, Soil Teeth and Teeth Holder, Metal And Rubber Key, Casing.

Whatever may be your Drilling Tools or Piling Equipments query, we have a solution that will meet your needs and with multiple configurations to fit your drilling needs.

Besides this Ashok Industries also provides following Services:-

  • Piling Winches, Accessories and spares.
  • Piling Linner Work undertaken at site.
  • Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools.
  • Drilling Tools and Equipments.
  • Auger - Soil Augers, Rock Auger.
  • Buckets - Soil Buckets, Rock Bucket.
  • General Fabrication & Job Work & All types of Sections Bending / Straightening Jobs.