Ashok Industries is known for its quality and long lasting Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Tools, Rotary Drilling Tools, Foundation Drilling Tools, Soil Auger, Rock Auger, Soil Bucket, Rock Bucket, Tools for Hydraulic Drilling Rigs, Hydraulic Attachments for Excavator, Back HOE. Whatever may be your requirement we can supply the best quality tools within given time frame.

Augers Manufacturing 300mm Dia Upto 3000mm
Diameter AI002-01

Conical Rock Auger (Double Start) AI002-01-02

Conical Rock Auger (Single Start)AI002-01-03

Drilling Buckets 300mm Dia Upto 3000mm
Diameter AI002-01

Core Barrel Manufacturing 300mm Dia Upto
3000mm Diameter AI002-03

Core Barrel With Fixed Weldes TC Bit AI002-03-01

Core Barrel With Replaceable TC Bit AI002-03-02
Core Barrel With Round Shank Chisel Fitted AI002-03-03